Autumn is here and The CLF Art Cafe means to turn up the heat and keep coming on stronger, with more best of times in the Narm. The South London Soul Train to Zonk Disco via Tru-Skool Beats + beyond. Check below for more info, lineup and tickets .... and get set for the absolute best of times at The CLF Art Cafe. Time to keep Getting it on!!!!!!

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Block A, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, London SE15 4ST

020 7732 5275

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Sat Dec 14 - South London Soul Train

DING DONG LET'S GET MERRILY HIGH ON MUSIC!! Sat Dec 14 - The South London Soul Train takes it’s annual nod of the eggnog, gets merrily high on music and delivers a Christmas Special of epic proportions at The CLF Art Cafe. Your SLST festive host with the absolute most JAZZHEADCHRONIC + leading Bristolian Funk Head BOCA 45 - welcoming Brass Hip Hop Dance Floor Terminators ROWDY CROWD (LIVE) + waits for the mistletoe to fall. It’s a Christmas love in y’all and we gonna keep the temperatures ....

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